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How To Embroider on Hats

9th September 2008

How To Embroider on Hats

Embroidering hats can be a great profit center for your business.  Like most other types of machine embroidery, there are certain things you should keep in mind when embroidering hats.  If you follow the tips given below, you should find that embroidering caps and hats is an easy and painless process.

Tip #1:  Design Size Matters –  When it comes to embroidering a hat, smaller designs generally work better than larger designs.   Your design should fit into the flat area of the cap where you will be embroidering.   The size of that area will determine the size of your design.

Tip #2: Make a Template –  Making a design template will help you place the designs properly on the hat.  It will also be of help with hooping the hat.   Using a template will give you the cross lines you need to hoop your hat correctly.

 Tip #3:  Use random designs –  Hats are hard to hoop and it is difficult to ensure they are in the hoop straight.  Using designs that are random and don’t require being centered can help you avoid the problems a hat that is hooped crookedly can cause.

Tip #4: Avoid Square Designs – Square designs do require straight hooping and  proper centering, which may be difficult to do.  If at all possible, avoid these sorts of designs.

Tip #5:  Use Backing Developed for CapsBacking designed for caps will enhance the clarity and crispness of your embroidered designs.  Backing will also help maintain the tension on the bobbin thread.

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