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The Winning Contest Entry

8th September 2008

The Winning Contest Entry

As I said in last Friday’s NewsBites e-mail, today we will be showcasing the winning contest entry in our How to Ruin Your Embroidery contest.

The winning entry was from Judy Alderden at Design in Stitches.   Her tip is simple but timely.  Here’s what she had to say:

While some customers love to chat, ask for “just a moment” while programming your design into the machine so you don’t run the design upside down or use the wrong color sequence :(  Been there, done that – just today.

Congratulations, Judy. You win a Best 24 Kit in either poly or rayon, your choice.

Stay tuned for additional contests in the near future.  You can find out about contests here on this blog, or in the EnMart NewsBites e-mail newsletter.  If you are not currently on on mailing list,  you can contact one of our customer service representatives and ask to be added to our database.

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