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We’re Doing Some Redecorating

22nd May 2008

We’re Doing Some Redecorating

We are in the process of developing a new web site.  Anyone who has done this sort of thing knows that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.  How should the web site be set up?  What’s the most important thing to put on the home page?  What will help our customers make the best buying decisions?  Obviously the best people to help us answer some of these questions are those of you that read this blog.  So I thought I’d ask you a few things and hopefully get some input that can help us make our new site better and more useful for all of you.

The first thing we know we will be doing is rearranging the order of the site.   On the current site the information pages are first and you have to click a button to get to the store.  On the new site, we want to have the products front and center.  That doesn’t mean we’ll be eliminating the informative portion, it will still be available if you want to learn more about any of our products or about the company in general.  The new version will just require that you click a link to get that information. 

Another thing we are considering is a “Monthly Specials” or “Featured Products” section.  We do have such a “Featured Products” section on the current site, but we’ve never done much with monthly specials.  If you see a product listed as being on sale are you more likely to consider buying that product?  Does seeing a product listed as “Featured” or “Top Selling” influence your decision about whether or not to purchase that product?

We’re also contemplating changing the design of the cart.   Right now the front part of our site (which is purely informational) has a bit more elaborate design, while the back part of the site is more straightforward.   While I like the current design that is being used for both portions of the cart, I’m leaning toward the more straightforward design for the new cart.  We may do something similar to what we’ve done with this site, which is keep the product pages plainer, and add a bit more design to the informational pages.   I’m just wondering how much a more elaborate design adds or detracts from your shopping experience.  Do most of you, in general, prefer a well designed simple look over an equally well designed but more elaborate look?

These are just some of the issues we’re considering as we work at redesigning the site.  The one thing we know for sure is that we want to create a site that will make your shopping experience as stress free and easy as possible.   That’s why feedback from all of you is so valuable.  The best way for us to make sure your EnMart shopping experience is enjoyable is to ask you what would make your experience enjoyable. 

Thank you in advance for any feedback you care to provide.

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