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Three Down, Four to Go

20th May 2008

Three Down, Four to Go

EnMart has been to three ISS Shows so far this year.  We were in Long Beach in January, Orlando in February and Atlantic City in March.   We had a lot of fun at the first three shows, and got to meet a lot of great people.  It was also a terrific opportunity to talk face to face with our customer base, to hear what they had to say about what we had to offer, and to listen to any thoughts of suggestions they might have. 

We had so much fun at the last three shows we decided it might be fun to do the next four shows as well.  If you want to meet some of the EnMart personnel or you need more information about any of the products we offer, you can find us at the following shows:

If you would like a free pass to visit us at any of these shows,  please let us know.  We currently have passes for New England and Schaumburg.  Passes for Atlanta and Fort Worth should be available soon.

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