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Marketing Monday: What’s Your Elevator Speech?

19th May 2008

Marketing Monday: What’s Your Elevator Speech?

Here at EnMart we’re not generally fans of marketing buzzwords.  We are fans, however, of anything that allows us to get our message about our company across simply and easily.  That’s why we’re particularly fond of elevator speeches. 

An elevator speech, for those who may not know, is a short speech that can be made in the time it takes an elevator to get from the top floor to the ground floor of a building.  Usually elevator speeches are just a few sentences long.  The goal of such a speech is to sum up what your business is about in as few words as possible, while still making a intriguing pitch for your business.

Think about it, if asked, could you sum up your business in just a few sentences and still make it interesting.  When asked what you do, is there more you can say beyond “We do embroidery” without saying so much that your listener tunes out halfway through your explanation?  What are the qualities or areas of expertise that make your business stand out, and what would you want potential clients to know about your business if you only had a short time to speak to those clients? What’s the most important thing you would want to say?

When developing an elevator speech, the biggest thing to remember is to make it all about what your business can do for your customer.  Saying “We create embroidered garments” probably won’t capture anyone’s interest.  Try saying “We help our customers publicize their businesses with our premium embroidered garments”.   The first version simply says what you do.  The second version shows your customer what the value of working with your business is for them. 

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