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Good News for Amaya Users

12th May 2008

Good News for Amaya Users

In case you missed this in the 5/9/08 EnMart NewsBites e-mail newsletter:

If you like the sheen and quality of Iris thread but have an Amaya machine, you may have thought that it would not be possible to use Iris thread with your machine.  Thanks to an alert customer, we now know that isn’t the case.  If you want to use Iris thread with your Amaya machine, you just need to make one simple adjustment.   The base of our thread spools is slightly larger than Melco’s spools, and their spools are shorter than ours. To reduce vibration/wobble of the spool, simple cut out a strip of puffy foam (pipe insulation would work) and insert it under the spool.  That should eliminate the wobble.  If you have any questions about this procedure, contact our customer service representatives for more information.

We recently had an e-mail from another EnMart customer who told us of a slightly different solution.  Instead of pipe insulation, this company uses a disc of heavy felt.   This also reduces the wobble and can be left on the machine when other spools are in use.  According to our customer, this method works very well.

If you have any tips about ways to adapt equipment or to make your machine embroidery more profitable or efficient, we would love to hear them.   You can leave your tip as a comment on any EmbroideryTalk blog post, or you can e-mail us with your tip.   If we collect enough tips, we’ll do a round-up post so that all our customers can learn this valuable information.

Also, if you are not currently receiving the EnMart NewsBites e-mail newsletter and would like to be added to our list of subscribers,  please e-mail us with your request to be added to our subscriber database.  We would be happy to add you to the list.

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