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Thread Palettes Now Available

7th May 2008

Thread Palettes Now Available

Last week I mentioned that EnMart would be introducing thread palettes to our inventory.  Today I am proud to announce that EnMart Thread Palettes are now available from our store. 

EnMart Thread Palettes are groupings of harmonizing colors.  The palettes enable you to purchase groups of thread for less than you would spend if you were to purchase each cone of thread individually.  Because the thread palettes are collected into harmonizing color groups, you may also be able to purchase all the thread you need for a particular design in one thread palette, rather than buying several separate cones.

Currently there are four categories of thread palettes:

Holiday Thread Palettes - These palettes contain colors that are significant to major American holidays.  If you do a lot of Christmas or Fourth of July embroidering, the thread palette for that holiday could save you a significant amount of money.

Shades of Color Palettes -  The shades of color palettes contain threads that are all variations on the same basic color family. 

Nature Thread Palettes - If you embroider a lot of scenery, this may be the color palette family for you.   Here you can find sunrise and sunset palettes,  seasonal palettes and palettes made up of other colors commonly found in nature.

Miscellaneous Palettes -  This is our catchall category.  Our Nautical and Baby Gift thread palettes reside here.  This category is also where you’ll find the vibrant and pastel thread palettes.

We are confident that Iris thread is the highest quality thread available in the marketplace today.  EnMart Thread Palettes allow you to purchase this superior quality thread at a significant savings.  

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