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How Do You Choose Your “Top” Colors?

6th May 2008

How Do You Choose Your “Top” Colors?

Around here the subject of our “top” thread colors is one that can generate a lot of debate.  There are some who maintain that it is possible to have a list of the most popular colors that is relatively unchanging.  There are others, myself included, who maintain that the best selling and most popular color list will change by season,  by holiday, or even just on a whim of the fashion world.  

Obviously, having a list of colors we think will be the most popular is helpful.  It allows us to stock more inventory of colors we think will be more popular.  It allows us to create kits like our Best 24 and Best 50 Kits.  Making an educated guess about what colors will appeal to our customers allows us to put those colors together in thread palettes, passing the savings of buying in bulk along to our customer base.  Our goal is to have all the colors our customers want and need available at all times, and to make sure that our most popular colors, regardless of how that popularity may change, are always in stock.

Sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball or even a Magic 8 ball which will tell us which colors will be the popular colors in the future.  So, in lieu of having a psychic friends hot-line for color popularity, I thought I would ask those of you who read this blog how you determine what your “top” or most popular colors are.   Is it based on the colors your customers order.  Do you follow the Pantone Fashion Color Report?  Are there certain basic colors, aside from black and white, that you always have in stock?   Do your most popular color choices vary by season or by year, or do the same five or six colors perpetually stay on the list?

We know, as I’m sure all of you do, that there is no exact science when it comes to determining the popularity of a particular thread color.   Our goal is simply to offer you the colors that will meet your needs.  One way for us to do that is to gather feedback from you about what colors are tops on your popularity chart.

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