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Marketing Monday: Your Business Logo

28th April 2008

Marketing Monday: Your Business Logo

Most of us are well aware of the importance of a business logo.  It is the identifying mark of your business, so you want something that is recognizable and attractive and usable in a variety of different formats.  This logo is, after all, going to be the identifying mark of your business for years to come, so you want to create something that stands out, reflects the character of your business and which looks professional and unique.

A business logo is especially important for anyone who is the design or embroidery business, since this logo may be the first glimpse anyone has of your work.  Not everyone who embroiderers and prints t-shirts is also a graphic designer, but most customers will probably assume that you have some level of artistic expertise.  Your logo is one way to convince your customers that their designs and artwork will be safe in your hands. 

If you have some artistic talent,  you may be able to design your logo yourself.  If not, you are much better off paying someone to design a logo for you.    If you do have someone design your logo for you, make sure you are included in the design process.  Your logo is, after all for your business, so you want it to reflect your views of what your business is, not the views of some designer who may not know you. 

Once you have a logo, you should also make sure to have your business cards and letterhead professionally printed.  The only exception to this rule, and this is in regard to letterhead,  would be if you have access to an extremely high quality color printer and high quality paper.   There is almost never a situation where professionally printed business cards can be replaced by cards printed on your home or business printer.  Most home printers are not able to handle the heavy stock necessary for substantial looking business cards.  If you are looking for reasonably priced professionally printed business cards, you might try Overnight Prints or Print Place.   Both these places also do letterhead as well.

There are a lot of things to remember when starting and running a small business.  While you’re concentrating on filling orders, and managing your money and ordering supplies,  you should also make sure that your business is presenting its best face to the world. Your business logo may be the first interaction a customer has with your business.  Make sure you take the time to make that interaction as positive as possible. 

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