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West Coast Warehouse

23rd April 2008

West Coast Warehouse

I know that Wednesday is usually devoted to business tips, but I’m going to suspend that policy this Wednesday because EnMart has an exciting announcement.  

Back in March I updated you on the status of our West Coast shipping facility.  At that time I told you that we had decided to consolidate our West Coast shipping in one location, Reno, Nevada.  There were a lot of reasons why we decided to consolidate our shipping of West Coast orders in one location, the main one being that Reno also gave us more access to the Western states.  Consolidating our shipping to the West Coast in one place also made it easier for us to manage staffing and inventory levels. It just made sense to have Reno as our western shipping hub.

For those of you who live on the West Coast and in the western states,  I am proud to announce that the Reno shipping facility is now online.  All thread and embroidery accessories ordered by anyone in the Mountain or Pacific time zones will now be shipped from the Reno facility.  Blank and Ntrans orders will most likely ship from the Michigan facility, as those items have design and manufacturing needs, and thus have a longer turn around time.  Our goal is to ship as many orders placed by businesses on the West Coast and in the Western States from our Reno facility as possible.

When you place an order with us, you will still proceed as you usually would.  If you order online, your order will be routed to the proper shipping facility, based on the content of that order.  If you place a telephone order, the same thing will happen.   The only difference you will see is the location from which your order is shipped.

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