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Trade Show Giveaways

18th April 2008

Trade Show Giveaways

We are contemplating having a giveaway drawing at the next trade show at which we exhibit.  Our plan is to offer one prize drawing during each day of the show.  Most likely we will ask people to give us a business card or fill out a small entry slip in order to be entered in the drawing.  Whatever we do certainly won’t be complicated.

I do have a couple of questions I would like to ask.  First, does knowing a company is holding a drawing make you more likely to visit that company’s booth?  How much does the size or value of the prize that is being given out matter?  Also, how much information are you comfortable giving out in order to enter.  Most business cards today include a name, company name, address, phone and e-mail and probably web address.  Would you be comfortable giving us this information? 

It is  a well known fact that a contest or giveaway can be used to draw more people to your booth.  What we want to do, beyond drawing more people to our booth is to draw the right people to our booth.  If we can’t meet and speak with our potential customers, than having a giveaway or even exhibiting at the show isn’t going to do us a lot of good.  Right now we’re working to decide how we can attract potential customers to our booth.  We figure one way to do that is with a drawing.  Now we’re just working to figure out what prize to offer and how best to publicize the drawing.  That’s where all of you come in.

If there is a drawing that you liked or found to be particularly successful please share the details about your experience in the comments for this post.  If you don’t care for drawing and don’t generally enter them, we’d like to know about that as well.  Our goal is to create an event that will be of benefit and interest to our customers.  The best help we have in that endeavor is the information you share with us.

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