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Thread Colors: U Pick ‘Em

10th April 2008

Thread Colors: U Pick ‘Em

A while ago someone had the idea that one of the benefits we could offer our customers would be a 50 mini spool rack which allowed you to pick the 50 colors that went on the rack.  We already have, of course,  the Best 50 Kit, which features our top 50 polyester colors, and we also have the Best 24 kits in polyester and rayon.   We don’t, as of yet anyway, have anything that allows our customers to select their own “Best 50″ or “Best 24″ out of the 300 polyester and 100 rayon colors we sell. 

Obviously, we wouldn’t be considering this idea if we didn’t think it was a good one.  What we’re contemplating is combining an empty “Best 50″ rack with the ability to select the colors that go on the rack.  Customers wishing to purchase a unique “Best 50″ combination would simply select the 50 colors they want from a pull down menu,  add the entire thing to our shopping cart, and place their order as normal. 

My question to you, our customers, is would that sort of thing appeal to you?  Would you be more likely to order a “Best 50″ kit if you could select your own colors? 

If you have any thoughts on this subject, please leave them in the comments or contact us and let us know what you think.

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