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The Origin of Our Experience

8th April 2008

The Origin of Our Experience

One of the things that we talk about a lot when we discuss EnMart is the fact that we’re backed up by over 30 years of embellishment and garment decoration experience.  Through our parent company, Ensign Emblem,  we have access to people who have been working at embroidering garments and creating emblems and other embellishments for many years.  This gives us a large pool of knowledge and expertise from which to pull and allows us to make better choices about the products and services that EnMart offers to you, our customers.

One thing I do want to make clear is that we are not in competition with those embroidery companies who may decide to place orders with us.  Our embroidery and garment decoration experience has been confined to a the service of a single business category, industrial laundries.   Ensign Emblem does not offer embroidered garments or garment embellishment products for general sale.  Our parent company sells specifically to industrial laundries and rental uniform companies.

EnMart is simply a logical extension of the relationships that Ensign Emblem had formed.  Taking Ensign’s garment decoration business to additional markets didn’t make sense.  Taking the connections and expertise gathered over 34 years of experience with embroidery and using that experience and those connections to form a new company did make sense.  Because of Ensign’s stellar reputation, and because of the sterling reputation of Ensign’s owners, we are able to bring quality supplies to EnMart at some of the best prices available.   Having Ensign as a parent company brings many benefits to EnMart, one of those benefits is having over 30 years of experience and reputation on which to draw.

Our goal is to provide the best embroidery and embellishment products available, and we make the judgment about what we consider best by using those products in our Ensign Emblem plants.  We know that the thread and bobbins and needles we offer for sale in the EnMart store work because we use them ourselves. 

I’m not sure you can find a better recommendation than that.

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