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Ordering from EnMart

1st April 2008

Ordering from EnMart

If you’ve visited the EnMart store today, you may have noticed an addition to the front page.  We have added a small notice which says the following:

“Please Note: Due to our distribution agreement with Hilos Iris, EnMart is only allowed to sell Iris machine embroidery threads to registered companies. If you would like to place an order with us for Iris products, please keep in mind you must have a company name and a tax i.d. number. Our other products do not have this requirement. Thank you for your cooperation and we appreciate your interest in EnMart. “

This notice was added to the front page of the site to help ensure that we were in compliance with our agreements with our manufacturer partners.   Our agreements with Hilos Iris cover specific segments of the marketplace and so limits to whom we may sell thread.  As the note says, all other products remain unaffected by this agreement, and can be purchased without the need for a tax identification number.  

If you do make a purchase and proceed to the checkout page, you will see that you will now be required to make a choice when entering your shipping information.   Selecting one of the two available radio buttons simply helps our Customer Service and Shipping Departments make sure that the shipment of your order is in line with our agreements with our manufacturer partners. 

We do want to emphasize, if you do not have a tax identification number we will be happy to sell you any of our other products, such as blanks, Ntrans transfers, or backing.   The only thing we will not be able to sell those people without tax identification numbers is Iris Thread.  

If you have any questions about this or any of our other company policies, please feel free to contact us for more information.  We will  be happy to explain in more detail. 

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