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MyThreadBox Conversion Software

27th March 2008

MyThreadBox Conversion Software

EnMart is proud to introduce My ThreadBox, a unique software program that gives you the ability to color match and cross reference thread colors.  The thread color palettes of most major thread manufacturers are included in this software package.

EnMart offers two versions of My ThreadBox.  The first version is called My ThreadBox Free for Iris Thread.  This version of the software is completely free of charge and can be easily downloaded from our web site to your computer.  My ThreadBox Free has been customized so you can easily cross reference any of the major thread manufacturer’s thread brands to the Iris Thread colors.  In order to use the software, all you have to do is click the link and follow the instructions.  Once the software has been installed on your computer, all you have to do is enter the color number and manufacturer of the thread you want to match and My ThreadBox Free will provide the closest Iris matches.

The second version of My ThreadBox  is the full version of the software.  This version of the software cross references all major thread manufacturers thread against each other.  If you are looking to cross reference Madeira thread against Robison-Anton thread, this is the software for you.   To order, simply click the add to cart button, and pay for your order as you normally would.  A CD with the full version of the software will be sent to you.  Once you receive the CD you can install the full version of My ThreadBox on your computer.

The beauty of both versions of My ThreadBox is that you don’t have to try to match thread across thread charts, in uncertain light, or when your eyes are already tired.  To get a match, simply select the manufacturer and color number of the thread you currently use.  If you’re using the Free version , the software will supply the closest Iris matches.  If you’re using the Full version, you will have to select the manufacturer to whom you want to convert as well.

Take the strain and time out of making thread matches by allowing My ThreadBox to do the work for you.   Download or order your software today. 

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