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How to Get The Most from Iris Thread

4th March 2008

How to Get The Most from Iris Thread

Here at EnMart, we send out samples all the time.  Most people who ask for samples usually request a sample of Iris thread.  We recognize that the decision to add a new thread to your inventory is a major one.  After all,  the performance of the thread you choose to use can determine the success or failure of each job you undertake.

Iris Threads, both polyester and rayon, are superior threads, and we’re sure they’ll work extremely well for any project.  As we said in Iris Thread: Resetting the Benchmark,  EnMart and Hilos Iris have worked together to establish a new level of quality and utility for embroidery thread. 

Because we are concerned that your first experience with Iris Thread be a good one, EnMart has developed a couple of tools to help you as you test and evaluate the thread.  The first tool is our Test Run Instructions.  There are a lot of factors that can effect how well or poorly thread runs on a machine, and the quality of the thread is only one of those factors.  The tensions on the machine, how the thread is loaded, what sort of needle is used, and what sort of fabric is being used for the test run can all have an effect on how the thread ultimately performs.  Our Test Run Instructions will help you ensure that your machine is set so that Iris thread gets the most accurate test possible.

Another tool EnMart offers is our polyester thread conversion chart.  Unlike many of the conversion charts available, our conversion chart was developed by hand, and the matches were made by people who have had decades of experience in matching threads.  We know how important color continuity is to you and your customers.  That’s why our conversion chart gives you the best matches possible across thread manufacturers.

As always, if you have any questions about our thread or any of the products we offer, please contact one of our knowledgeable customer service staff or leave a comment here on this blog.  We’ll be happy to provide any assistance you need. 

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