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Embroidering Single Patches: Deciding on Size and Type

5th February 2008

Embroidering Single Patches: Deciding on Size and Type

Because EnMart sells blank patches we often get asked what the best way is to embroider those patches.  To tell the truth, our parent company Ensign Emblem may make blank patches, but it is very rare that we ever embroider one emblem at the time.  Ensign has machines with many heads and tends to do embroidery jobs in bulk. 

Since our customers have asked this question, and since we like to be helpful when we can, we’ve pooled our knowledge and done some research.  Hopefully the information we’ve found will help you in your attempts to efficiently embroider single emblems. 

 The first thing that you need to know is that EnMart Blanks are offered with heat seal or sew on backing.  Each type of backing is used precisely as the name implies.  Patches with heat seal backing are sealed to the garment with a heat press after they have been embroidered.  Some people may try to secure heat seal emblems with an iron, but that is not the recommended method.  In order to adhere properly, heat seal emblems need a firm, constant pressure.  If you don’t have a heat press available, we recommend emblems with sew-on backing. Emblems with sew-on backing are sewn to the garment.

When deciding what sort of backing your blank patches should have, keep in mind your available equipment and the garment on which the patch will go.  Some fabrics will not react well to heat and so will require an emblem that can be sewn on.  Other materials may be very thick and hard to sew but will withstand heat well and would be ideal for an emblem with heat seal backing.  You should also remember that emblems with heat seal backing will achieve the best seal when they are applied with a heat press.  If you don’t have such a press available, you are better off taking only jobs that require emblems with sew-on backing.

The other thing to consider when pricing a job that requires blank emblems is the size of the emblem and the fabric required.  EnMart offers a selection of stock blank emblems in different sizes and shapes.  Our stock blanks are available in ovals, circles, squares and rectangles.  All stock blanks are made with white polyester fabric, and offered with a choice of seven border colors.   Buying stock blanks would most likely be your most inexpensive option and allow you to offer the lowest price to your customer.

If, however, stock blanks will not meet your needs, EnMart can also create custom blanks in a variety of sizes and colors upon request.  Custom blank orders will need to be placed by telephone, as we will need to quote a price.  If you would like to order custom blank patches, please contact one of our helpful customer service representatives and they will be happy to assist you with your request.

Because embroidering single patches is a rather involved topic, we’ve decided to divide our discussion into more than one post.  Tomorrow’s post will cover how to embroider a single patch. 

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