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Making Conversions Easy

7th January 2008

Making Conversions Easy

Let’s face it, changing from one thread supplier to another can be a pain in the neck.  It isn’t just that you have to learn how a new company operates, learn new ordering procedures, and adjust to new delivery times,  all those adjustments can be relatively easy.  The hard part of switching thread suppliers comes when you have to convert all the thread you order from the old supplier numbers to the new supplier numbers.

 Conversion would be easy if you could feel safe in assuming that “pink” from Old Supplier is going to be the same color as “pink” from New Supplier.  As most veteran embroiderers know, and as we certainly know from our 30 years of experience with Ensign Emblem, that is almost never the case.  Differences in dye lots, in dying techniques and in processes can create shades that go by the same name but differ from one another.  If you are depending on having a precise shade for a particular design, the thread from New Supplier has to almost exactly match the thread from Old Supplier, or the task of switching suppliers isn’t worth the hassle.

At EnMart, we want to make converting from another supplier’s thread to our thread as easy as we possibly can.  One way we have done that is by creating our polyester thread conversion chart.  This chart shows the Iris thread color, the PMS color number, and the corresponding thread numbers from Robison Anton, Maderia, Isacord and Gunold.  Currently, this conversion chart is available for polyester thread only.  A rayon conversion chart is expected to be available soon.

We expect to have an expanded thread conversion program available within the next few months.  This program will cover both Iris Polyester and Iris Rayon Thread and will encompass additional thread manufacturers.  Until then, if you don’t see the thread you currently use on our conversion list, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with making the conversion.

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