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Now Available: Rayon Thread

3rd December 2007

Now Available: Rayon Thread

EnMart is proud to announce that Iris Rayon Thread is now available from the EnMart store.  Like our Polyester thread,  the Iris Rayon Thread is available in two sizes: 1110 yard cones and 5500 yard cones.

Like all Iris thread, Iris Smooth ‘N Silky Rayon thread is the highest quality thread available.  It offers a deep sheen and has an excellent color range.   Smooth ‘N Silky Rayon thread is of the highest tenacity and will run smoothly through your machine.  If care instructions are followed, the thread also offers a high degree of color fastness.  This thread is also a true 40 weight thread, which means it will require fewer stitches to create a design than thread of a lesser weight would.

 Those who work with rayon thread frequently know that not all rayon threads are the same.   For many years, embroiderers have had to settle for whatever quality of rayon thread was available.  Some brands were good and some were not so good, but that wasn’t really the issue.  The issue was the fact that the thread was available.  

Now that Iris Rayon thread is available in the United States, machine embroiderers have another quality rayon thread option.   If you are looking for a thread that has the quality rayon thread used to have, but is priced competitively, Iris Rayon is the thread for you.  

Iris Thread – Setting the Benchmark

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