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Ntrans: Unique Screenprint Transfers

30th November 2007

Ntrans: Unique Screenprint Transfers

Everyone who sells things wants to offer products that other companies cannot offer.   For most companies, unless they invent the product or service that they offer, selling something unique is a pretty tall order.  At EnMart, we pride ourselves on offering products that few other companies offer.  One of those products is Iris Thread.  Another is our Ntrans Screenprint transfers

The process that creates an Ntrans transfer was developed by and is proprietary to our parent company, Ensign Emblem.  Employees with years of screenprinting expertise experimented with a variety of methods and inks until they hit upon the combination that allowed the creation of the NTrans process.  These transfers are created with a specific mixture of inks, which are mixed according to our own unique method.   The result is the creation of screenprint transfers that have a depth of color other transfers just can’t match.

Ntrans can be used anywhere that you would normally screenprint a design.   If you can direct embroider, place an emblem or screenprint a certain location on a garment, Ntrans would work in that location as well.  Ntrans designs can also be created in any number of colors.   The designs can be as elaborate or as simple as you need them to be.  Ntrans transfers can also be created in a wide range of sizes.   You can learn more about size and color specifications here.

Applying an Ntrans transfers is surprisingly easy.  All you need is the transfer, the garment and a heat press.   We offer complete instructions for applying Ntrans Transfers on our web site.   We also sell heat presses, should you need one.  Unfortunately, EnMart does not yet sell garments, so you’ll have to get those from somewhere else.

If you are looking for an easy way to add screenprinted garments to your product offerings,  EnMart has the solution.  Our Ntrans transfers offer a quick and easy way to screenprint garments, and save you the trouble of buying ink and screens and learning to create the screenprinted designs yourself. 

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