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Tips for Attending Trade Shows

28th November 2007

Tips for Attending Trade Shows

EnMart will be exhibiting at 5 Imprinted Sportswear Shows in 2008.  We will be in Long Beach in January, Orlando in February, Atlantic City in March, New England in July and Illinois in August.  We’re looking forward to meeting a lot of you and telling you about EnMart and the great products we offer.

For those who haven’t done so before, attending a trade show can be pretty overwhelming.   Today, I thought I’d give you a few tips that will help you get the most out of your trade show experience. 

Tip 1:  Make a list before the show.  Trade shows are huge with lots of things to see, and lots of people who want you to come to their booth and listen to their sales pitch.  To make sure you see what you want to see, visit the web site for the show or get an advance program for the show.  Go through and make a list of the companies you want to visit, and mark on the trade show map where those companies are located.  This will ensure that you don’t spend time wandering, and that you get to visit the companies you want to visit.

Tip 2:  Think Comfort:  Wear comfortable clothes and layers, so you can add an item or take something off depending on the temperature of the building.  Comfortable and supportive walking shoes are a must.   Many trade shows are huge and a lot of walking may be required.  Also make sure to bring a tote bag or backpack for carrying samples and brochures.   This will save a lot of wear and tear on your hands and arms.

Tip 3:  Bypass Booths that Don’t Interest You:  People who exhibit at trade shows are there to show their wares to potential customers.  They want to spend time with people who want what they have to sell.  If you’re not interested in the items being offered by a particular vendor, don’t be afraid to say you’re not interested and move on.  This will benefit both you and the vendor.  You’ll have more time to see the things you want to see, and the vendor will have more time to talk to people who do want to buy his product.  By being direct about your lack of interest, you’ve saved time for everyone.

 Tip 4:  Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions:  Vendors at trade shows are there to sell product, and to gain new customers.  Any vendor worth his or her salt will always take the time to answer your questions completely.  If the vendor is busy with other customers, you can always arrange to come back later when the vendor will be available to discuss things in more depth. 

If you take the time to make some plans in advance, trade shows can be a very valuable learning tool.  Spending a few minutes determining what interests you and what doesn’t will save you hours once you attend the show.

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