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Why Quality Thread Matters

27th November 2007

Why Quality Thread Matters

Most every machine embroiderer knows that the thread he or she chooses to use can have a great influence on the success of the finished design.  Given the impact that thread can have on a design and on the timely and successful completion of an order, choosing a good, quality thread makes sense.  The question is, how do you know whether or not a thread is good quality, and what are the warning signs that a thread might not be what you need?

 One sign of good quality thread is its texture.  Thread that is of high quality will be smooth, have a uniform thickness, and will run smoothly through your machine without excessive breakage.  Poor quality thread will often have an uneven texture, with lumps and bumps and thin spots which will be vulnerable to breakage. This sort of thread will jerk when run through your embroidery machine and will cause uneven stitches.  It will also be much more prone to breakage.

When determining the quality of thread, simply unspooling a length (about 18 inches) and visually examining the thread can tell you several things.  If you see lint or fluff on the thread it is probably a sign that the thread should not be used.  Lint and fluff can gum up your machine and will certainly necessitate cleaning it more often.  Another clue that the thread is not high quality is if you see patches of thick and thin thread.  Quality thread will be of uniform thickness.  Uneven thread will cause your tension disks to tighten and loosen as they adjust to the thickness of the thread. This may lead to uneven stitches. 

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a thread is to run a test design.  Using a scrap piece of fabric, stitch out a design on your machine.   Make sure you stay and watch while the design is sewing.  Take note of any problems that may occur and try to determine whether the problems are the result of a setting on your machine, how the design was digitized or if the problems are a result of the thread you are using.  You can always make changes to the settings on your machine and to how the design is digitized.  If those changes fail to eliminate the problem, then you can be pretty certain that the issue lies with the quality of your thread.

Of course, here at EnMart, we believe our Iris Polyester Thread is one of the highest quality machine embroidery threads in the business.   It is a true 40 weight thread, with uniform thickness and density, which ensures it will run smoothly in your machine.  Iris Thread also undergoes a unique dye process, which creates a sheen similar to that of rayon thread.  If you’ve been using rayon thread because you like the luster that it gives your designs, you might want to give our Iris Polyester Thread a try. 

 For more information about our thread or any of the products EnMart offers, please contact us.  We’ll be happy to tell you more about our thread, and will even supply a sample upon request.

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