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Commercial Embroiderer or Home Sewer?

15th November 2007

Commercial Embroiderer or Home Sewer?

To many of you out there, the distinction between those who are commercial embroiderers and those who are home sewers may not be that distinct and may not matter.  To tell you the truth, it wouldn’t really matter to us, except for one thing.  Our agreements with some of our suppliers specify to whom we can sell.  Commercial embroiders are our target market.  Home sewers will be referred to another company which deals with that market.

Many people don’t really know how to tell the difference between someone who is a commercial embroiderer and someone who is a home sewer.  One of the main differences between commercial embroiderers and home sewers is often the type of machines they use.   Commercial embroiderers usually work with commercial machines, which are generally designed to sew on a wider field of material.  These machines are also designed for extended use, the sort of use an embroiderer who runs a business would need.  Although there are people who sew as a hobby who own commercial machines, the cost of these machines is generally prohibitive for those wish to embroider items to give as gifts or to use in craft projects.

Another difference between commercial embroiderers and home sewers is that commercial embroiderers will have a tax i.d. number, as they generally sell the things they embroider as part of their business.  This is usually the easiest way to distinguish between commercial embroiderers and home sewers.  It is for this reason that we will always ask if you have a tax i.d. number before we take your order. 

Oddly enough, even though one category is called home sewers, there are many commercial embroiderers who run very profitable businesses out of their spare rooms or basements.   Generally, it isn’t location that matters when determining into which category an embroiderer falls.  What machine is being used and the possession or lack of a tax i.d. number matter far more. 

So, if you are a home sewer, does that mean you can’t find anything interesting on this site or in this blog?  I don’t think that’s the case.  We offer a lot of information that can benefit all embroiderers in general, whether you’re embroidering 1000 jackets for the local football team or 1 table-runner for your dining room table.  We are also happy to direct home sewers to a company that will sell them Iris embroidery and sewing thread, the best thread in the industry. 

 If you are a home sewer and wish to purchase Iris thread, please contact:  YLI Corporation.  You can find more information about this company on our links page.

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