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Order Online Through the EnMart Store

9th November 2007

Order Online Through the EnMart Store

Today, many brick and mortar stores  also have web sites from which you can order their products.  Other companies have dispensed with a physical store entirely, and sell all their inventory online.  EnMart is this type of company.  Although we do have warehouses for storing our products, we do not have any brick and mortar storefront to which you can go and make a purchase.  If you want to buy our product, you have two options:  (1) call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, or (2) place your order online through the EnMart Store.

Although talking with our customer service staff is always informative and pleasant, there are some advantages to ordering online.   One big advantage of ordering online is that orders can be placed 24/7.  Our customer service staff, although stellar, does occasionally like to go home to eat, sleep and see their families.  So phone orders are only taken during normal business hours.  The online store, on the other hand, doesn’t eat or sleep, and is available all the time.  If the urge to place an order strikes you at 2 a.m., the EnMart store will be ready and waiting.

Another big advantage is that, for most products, you can see a description of the product and a picture.  This is especially helpful when it comes to ordering thread.  Although we always caution people that monitor settings will have an effect on how a color appears, viewing a picture can at least give you a sense of the thread color.  A picture can also help you get an idea of what a product looks like before you buy.

Many of our online product listings also include a description of the product, and helpful information about the product.  If you are wondering what sort of thread to order, or  which heat press would work for your business, you can find information on our web site that will help you make your decision.   Product information is generally given in a few short paragraphs which quickly acquaint you with the basic features and benefits of the product. 

Another advantage ordering online can bring occurs when there are artwork requirements or other information that must be submitted to create the product you order.  Ntrans Screenprint Transfers require the submission of artwork before your design can be created and turned into a transfer.  The EnMart web site gives you step by step instructions on how to submit that artwork, and also gives you tips on how to apply the transfers once you’ve received your order.

Of course, we welcome any calls to our office, and will cheerfully accept your order if you wish to place one by phone.  We want you to feel free to contact us at any time. The EnMart website and the EnMart Store are just additional ways to inform our customers and to make placing an order more easier and more convenient.

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