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Working with Metallic Thread

8th November 2007

Working with Metallic Thread

EnMart is proud to offer Iris UltraBrite Metallic thread in gold and silver.  Metallic thread can add sparkle to your designs, and, if you follow a few simple steps, is quite easy to use.  Today’s blog post will give you a few tips that will help make working with metallic thread easy and fun.

Tip #1:  Slow Down.  Metallic thread sews best at a slower speed.  Allowing the machine to sew at a slower rate may also help eliminate snags and breaks.

Tip #2: Use the right needle.  There are needles made especially for metallic thread.  The eye of the needle has a different shape and is designed to allow metallic thread to flow more smoothly.  If you use metallic thread frequently, metallic thread needles are a wise investment.

Tip 3: Adjust the tension.  Looser needle tension can help prevent metallic thread from breaking.  To determine which tension setting is right for your machine, sew a small test design.  If the thread breaks after a few stitches, stop sewing and adjust the needle tension downward.  Keep loosening the tension until the thread stops breaking.

Tip 4:  Change your needle often.  Dull needles can cause a great many problems, both with your design and with the thread.  Make sure you change your needle often (every 8 to 10 hours is recommended).

 Tip 5:  Examine design density.  Metallic thread works best with designs that aren’t too dense.   Some designs may not be suitable for metallic thread, even if you reduce the density.  For those who may not know, density describes the distance between two stitches.   Low density designs have more distance between stitches.

 Metallic thread can be a great way to accent your designs, particularly around the holiday season.  If you purchase quality metallic thread, like that available from EnMart, and follow the tips given above, embroidering with metallic thread should be simple and tension free.

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