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Why You Should Buy Your Supplies From EnMart

8th October 2007

Why You Should Buy Your Supplies From EnMart

Continuing my series of “Why” posts, I thought that today I would discuss why you should buy from EnMart.

Anyone who has ever bought anything, anywhere, knows the standard patter about why a consumer should place an order with store X.  There are usually a lot of “bests” in the pitch for your money.  Store X has the “best” service.  They have the “best products” and, of course, the “best” prices.  It’s a pitch most retailers could make in their sleep, and one most consumers would only fall for only if they were asleep.  In today’s world the average consumer can find out about a company and the products they sell in a few clicks of the mouse.  So, in order to get the business of today’s savvy consumers, a company has to supply you with more than the “best” reasons to buy.

So, leaving aside the “best” reasons, let me tell give you two of what I think are the most compelling reasons why you should be buying your machine embroidery supplies from EnMart.

  1. Experience.   As I said in my post about Hilos Iris we don’t just sell Iris Thread, we use it as well.  That means we know it runs well, and what features or factors might cause problems.  If you call us with an issue or a concern chances are we’ve already experienced and conquered it and can quickly give you the answer that will let you do the same.  We can also duplicate conditions on our machines, so we can test out answers to problems before we supply them to you.  When it comes to giving your customers the best possible customer service, experience with the products you sell does make a difference.  We’re living proof of that.
  2. Quality- Every company says they offer the best quality products, so I’m not going to say it again here.  Instead I’ll say that we have people on our staff who’ve been in this business for other 30 years.  They’ve seen the entire spectrum of products, good, bad and indifferent.   The breadth of knowledge and experience available to EnMart allows us to evaluate products not just from the perspective of what we think will sell, but from the perspective of what we know will be useful to people who machine embroider.  There’s a big difference between “stock those scissors, I think they’ll sell” and “stock those scissors I used them for six hours yesterday and they fit my hand very comfortably”. 

We realize there are a  lot of factors that may influence your decision about who will be your machine embroidery supplies vendor.   In the end, all we’re asking for is a chance to show you what we can do.  So go ahead, give us a try.  I’m guessing you’ll be glad you did.

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4th October 2007

Why Weight Matters

Yesterday I told you that one of the reasons EnMart chose to sell Iris thread was the fact that the thread was a true 40 weight thread.  Today I want to tell you what that means, and why thread weight matters.

 Thread weight actually does have as much to do with the weight of the thread as it does with the thickness.  A true 40 weight thread will save you money and time in a variety of ways.   These are just a few of those ways.

 Less Costly Digitizing -  True 40 weight thread will save you money on digitizing your design.  Because a true 40 weight thread,  like the Iris Polyester Thread, fills better, your design will require less stitches.  Less stitches means less thread, and less time to needed to stitch the design.

 Better Fill – A true 40 weight thread fills the design better than a thread of a lesser weight.  Because a true 40 weight thread is thicker, you will get better coverage on the fabric.  Your designs will also require less stitches to fill the same amount of space.

Fewer Breaks- Breaks are the bane of every machine embroiderer’s existance.  A true 40 weight thread is a hardier thread and, provided your machine tensions are adjusted correctly, is more likely to run for longer stretches of time without breaks.  It goes without saying that fewer breaks mean being able to finish a design in less time, which will increase your production.  Increased production means you can do more designs in the same amount of time, which will lead to increased revenue.

Less Splitting – Arcs and curves are a common feature in many designs today.  A standard thread will often split when stitching a logo which has an arc or a curve in the design.  A true 40 weight thread can handle the increased stress that an arc or curve can place, and will be more resistant to splitting.  This, again, means your design will require less time to complete. 

Now that you understand how much difference the weight of your thread can make, you need to understand how to determine the true weight of the thread you use.  There are many thread in the marketplace that are labelled 40 weight thread, but not all of them are actually 40 weight.  How can you, as a consumer, tell the difference?

The weight measurement for thread is is actually based on length not heaviness. A thread is labelled a 40 weight thread because 40 kilometers of the thread will weigh one kilogram.  The weight is determined by how many kilometers of the thread it takes to amount to one kilogram in weight.  The lower the weight number, the heavier the thread.  Since it isn’t always practical to weight 40 kilometers of thread, you will most likely have to take the manufacturers word for the weight of their thread. 

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3rd October 2007

Why Hilos Iris?

If you’ve surfed our site at all, you may have noticed that one of our main offerings is Iris Thread, which is manufactured by Hilos Iris. There are a lot of reasons why we chose to offer Iris thread to our EnMart customers.  I thought I’d use this space to go over a few of the main ones.

  1.  Like EnMart, Hilos Iris is a family owned company.  Hilos Iris was started in 1954 in Mexico.  Ensign Emblem, parent company of the Ensign Group was started in 1974 in Detroit.  In both cases one family founded the company and still owns the company today.   In both cases, because the family name and reputation is intertwined with the company name and reputation, there is an attention to detail, a commitment to fair dealing, and a respect for the customer that larger corporate entities have long abandoned.
  2. Iris Thread is true 40 weight thread.  The weight and quality of the thread used to create machine embroidery can make a huge difference in the time and the amount of thread it takes to complete a design.  Iris Thread fills the design better than most other threads on the market.  It is also more resistant to breaking and runs smoothly through most embroidery machines.  This means it will take less time to complete the design and get the finished product to your customer.
  3. We don’t just sell Iris thread, we use it.  Before EnMart was formed, our parent company, Ensign Emblem began testing threads.  Samples of Iris thread were sent to us, and we tested them.  As time went on, we formed a partnership with Hilos Iris, adding our knowledge of machine embroidery to their own, and working to create the best machine embroidery thread possible.  The result is a thread that we not only proudly sell, but proudly use as well.

To learn more about Iris thread,  please visit the thread section of the EnMart site.   You may learn more about Hilos Iris by visiting their website.  To see the variety and color of thread we sell, please visit the EnMart store.

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2nd October 2007

Welcome to EnMart Embroidery Talk

My name is Kristine and I will be the primary writer of this blog.  I am the Director of Marketing for EnMart.  In this position I do a lot of things.  One of the main things I do is work to make connections with our customers and the industries in which we work. This blog is one attempt, hopefully a successful one, to make a connection.

The first thing I should do is explain exactly who comprises EnMart and what the company does. EnMart is a company that sells machine embroidery supplies. We are a member of the Ensign Group, which is headed by parent company, Ensign Emblem, Ltd. Ensign Emblem has been in the embroidery and garment decoartion business for other 30 years. There are a great many people working at Ensign and, by extension at EnMart, who have years of machine embroidery and apparel decoration experience. So, a large portion of the information that appears on this blog will be supplied by a pool of people who have extensive knowledge and experience in the craft and science of embroidery and apparel decoration.

Our hope is that this blog will become a reference both for our customers and for others who machine embroider or work in the field of apparel decoration. Our other hope is that, by providing you with a resource, we will also be able to introduce you to our company and the products we sell. We have used our connections and searched the world for premium products which we will make available at prices that will suit any budget. Our EnMart Store and the products we sell there will be one of the topics this blog covers. Other topics will be dicated by the questions we are asked, information that I find on other blogs, forums or sites, and our own experience.

In the posts to come you will find hints, tips, stories and opinions. We think of this blog as the beginning of a conversation. We’ll talk and, hopefully, you’ll talk back. We encourage discussion and questions, and will do our best to be a useful resource.

Welcome to EnMart Embroidery Talk.  We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship.

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