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Seeing is Believing

26th October 2007

Seeing is Believing

Recently our company president, Gayle Zreliak, had a chance to visit the Hilos Iris manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico.  Here is what she had to say about her visit.

“I’ve been buying embroidery thread for over 33 years. In that time I’ve purchased thread from Madeira, Robison-Anton, Coats and Clark, American and Efird.  We started Ensign Emblem in 1974 doing embroidery by hand.  Today the company has over 1300 heads. Despite that fact that we’ve purchased a large amount of thread over the years, until a few weeks ago I had never been invited to tour a thread manufacturing facility. Hilos Iris, our current thread supplier, is so proud of their facility, they insisted I come and see it for myself.

I regret that, before I arrived, I assumed that a non U.S. manufacturing facility would be lacking the latest technology. After touring the facility I realized that rather then doubting their technology, I should be proud to be associated with such a fine company. Hilos Iris is a comapny which takes into account safety, cleanliness of their work-sites and equipment, and is willing to make major capital investments in new equipment in order to produce the best product possible.  They also have a state of the art color lab for custom coloring.

If we, as Americans, use manufacturing facilities in the United States as the standard all other facilities much match, I can say that Hilos Iris not only met those standards, it surpassed them. My father, who had extensive embroidery experience, and who founded Ensign Emblem, always said the benchmark of a good facility was if it was clean enough that you would be willing to eat off the floor.  Dad would have approved of the Hilos Iris facility.

Like Ensign Emblem and, by extension, EnMart, Hilos Iris is a family business that has a commitment to creating quality product. As a business owner, I know that all of you have many balls to juggle in your daily work life. Every company needs to stay competitive, but sometimes staying competitive is about more than getting the lowest price. Cost can not only be measured in dollars, it can be measured in downtime, or effort, or labor. Buying quality thread product can help you save all of the above.

I can personally guarantee that the Iris thread you purchase from EnMart is the best quality available in the global marketplace. If you have any questions about Hilos Iris or the thread or other products, please feel free to contact me directly.  Just ask for Gayle.”

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