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Above and Beyond

24th October 2007

Above and Beyond

There are a lot of companies out there saying they provide great customer service.  Some of them may be right when they claim their customer service is top notch.  Others may not be correct in their assumption that the customer service they provide is meeting their customers’ needs.  The only real way to know whether the claims a company makes about their customer service are true or false is to become a customer of the company in question.   It is actions, not words, that tell the real story.

At EnMart, we do make the claim that we have great customer service.  Providing a superior customer experience has always been one of the cornerstones of Ensign Emblem’s business model.  Since Ensign is the parent company to EnMart, that commitment to customer service extends to us.  We believe every customer, from the owner of a one head machine who is just starting out to the company that has 600 heads and does business around the clock, deserves the same level of care and attention.  Our business is to help your business grow.  We do that by offering quality supplies at reasonable prices and by listening when our customers tell us what they want and need.

We know that one of the core components of any good customer service program is listening to your customers.  We can’t provide you the services and products you want if we don’t know what they are.   That’s why our employees, including myself, visit and contribute to embroidery forums.  That’s why we call embroiderers to tell them who we are and to ask about how they do business and what we can do to help.  That’s why, when a problem does crop up, we work for a solution that is best for the customer, even if it means we lose a little on the deal. 

Some of you may be reading this and thinking that it is all just another bunch of customer service patter.  In today’s world, when bad customer service sometimes seems to be the norm, it is easy to be cynical when you read what appears to be yet another customer service promise.  I could write a lot of words about how we mean what we say but I’ll simply say this instead.

Give us a try. 

I’m confident you’ll find that what we say matches what we do.

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