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Backing Facts: How to Select the Right Backing

16th October 2007

Backing Facts: How to Select the Right Backing

EnMart currently carries an exceptionally broad product line featuring more than 15 different types of backing. We do not buy odd lots or sell seconds. All of the products we offer are specifically designed for use as embroidery backing.  EnMart currently carries cutaways, tearaways, tear/washaways, puff, fusibles, black and flame-retardant backings. Both rolls and sheets are available in a variety of stocked configurations.

According to Hollingsworth and Vose, there are many things to take into account when selecting backing.  Stability of the garment fabric, stitch density, color, stitch length, stitch speed, size of embroidery and stability of design are some of the variables that can influence backing selection.

 When selecting backing, one of the most important factors is fabric stretch.  Regardless of the type of backing you choose, it has to be stable enough to prevent movement during the stitching process. Experimentation is often needed even when your are just changing suppliers and receiving what appears to be an identical garment. The fabric’s structure (weave or knit pattern) is apt to be a better indicator of stability than weight alone. 

Your method of hooping can also effect your finished product. Loosely hooped or insecurely hooped garments can cause poor registration.  This problem is not caused by your backing. Using higher hoops will help you gain a secure grip on thick or slippery materials. You should also check your fabric tension which can be done by pushing your finger across the fabric.  If you see wrinkles, you tension might be too loose.

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