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Why You Should Buy Your Supplies From EnMart

8th October 2007

Why You Should Buy Your Supplies From EnMart

Continuing my series of “Why” posts, I thought that today I would discuss why you should buy from EnMart.

Anyone who has ever bought anything, anywhere, knows the standard patter about why a consumer should place an order with store X.  There are usually a lot of “bests” in the pitch for your money.  Store X has the “best” service.  They have the “best products” and, of course, the “best” prices.  It’s a pitch most retailers could make in their sleep, and one most consumers would only fall for only if they were asleep.  In today’s world the average consumer can find out about a company and the products they sell in a few clicks of the mouse.  So, in order to get the business of today’s savvy consumers, a company has to supply you with more than the “best” reasons to buy.

So, leaving aside the “best” reasons, let me tell give you two of what I think are the most compelling reasons why you should be buying your machine embroidery supplies from EnMart.

  1. Experience.   As I said in my post about Hilos Iris we don’t just sell Iris Thread, we use it as well.  That means we know it runs well, and what features or factors might cause problems.  If you call us with an issue or a concern chances are we’ve already experienced and conquered it and can quickly give you the answer that will let you do the same.  We can also duplicate conditions on our machines, so we can test out answers to problems before we supply them to you.  When it comes to giving your customers the best possible customer service, experience with the products you sell does make a difference.  We’re living proof of that.
  2. Quality- Every company says they offer the best quality products, so I’m not going to say it again here.  Instead I’ll say that we have people on our staff who’ve been in this business for other 30 years.  They’ve seen the entire spectrum of products, good, bad and indifferent.   The breadth of knowledge and experience available to EnMart allows us to evaluate products not just from the perspective of what we think will sell, but from the perspective of what we know will be useful to people who machine embroider.  There’s a big difference between “stock those scissors, I think they’ll sell” and “stock those scissors I used them for six hours yesterday and they fit my hand very comfortably”. 

We realize there are a  lot of factors that may influence your decision about who will be your machine embroidery supplies vendor.   In the end, all we’re asking for is a chance to show you what we can do.  So go ahead, give us a try.  I’m guessing you’ll be glad you did.

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