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Why Hilos Iris?

3rd October 2007

Why Hilos Iris?

If you’ve surfed our site at all, you may have noticed that one of our main offerings is Iris Thread, which is manufactured by Hilos Iris. There are a lot of reasons why we chose to offer Iris thread to our EnMart customers.  I thought I’d use this space to go over a few of the main ones.

  1.  Like EnMart, Hilos Iris is a family owned company.  Hilos Iris was started in 1954 in Mexico.  Ensign Emblem, parent company of the Ensign Group was started in 1974 in Detroit.  In both cases one family founded the company and still owns the company today.   In both cases, because the family name and reputation is intertwined with the company name and reputation, there is an attention to detail, a commitment to fair dealing, and a respect for the customer that larger corporate entities have long abandoned.
  2. Iris Thread is true 40 weight thread.  The weight and quality of the thread used to create machine embroidery can make a huge difference in the time and the amount of thread it takes to complete a design.  Iris Thread fills the design better than most other threads on the market.  It is also more resistant to breaking and runs smoothly through most embroidery machines.  This means it will take less time to complete the design and get the finished product to your customer.
  3. We don’t just sell Iris thread, we use it.  Before EnMart was formed, our parent company, Ensign Emblem began testing threads.  Samples of Iris thread were sent to us, and we tested them.  As time went on, we formed a partnership with Hilos Iris, adding our knowledge of machine embroidery to their own, and working to create the best machine embroidery thread possible.  The result is a thread that we not only proudly sell, but proudly use as well.

To learn more about Iris thread,  please visit the thread section of the EnMart site.   You may learn more about Hilos Iris by visiting their website.  To see the variety and color of thread we sell, please visit the EnMart store.

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