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Welcome to EnMart Embroidery Talk

2nd October 2007

Welcome to EnMart Embroidery Talk

My name is Kristine and I will be the primary writer of this blog.  I am the Director of Marketing for EnMart.  In this position I do a lot of things.  One of the main things I do is work to make connections with our customers and the industries in which we work. This blog is one attempt, hopefully a successful one, to make a connection.

The first thing I should do is explain exactly who comprises EnMart and what the company does. EnMart is a company that sells machine embroidery supplies. We are a member of the Ensign Group, which is headed by parent company, Ensign Emblem, Ltd. Ensign Emblem has been in the embroidery and garment decoartion business for other 30 years. There are a great many people working at Ensign and, by extension at EnMart, who have years of machine embroidery and apparel decoration experience. So, a large portion of the information that appears on this blog will be supplied by a pool of people who have extensive knowledge and experience in the craft and science of embroidery and apparel decoration.

Our hope is that this blog will become a reference both for our customers and for others who machine embroider or work in the field of apparel decoration. Our other hope is that, by providing you with a resource, we will also be able to introduce you to our company and the products we sell. We have used our connections and searched the world for premium products which we will make available at prices that will suit any budget. Our EnMart Store and the products we sell there will be one of the topics this blog covers. Other topics will be dicated by the questions we are asked, information that I find on other blogs, forums or sites, and our own experience.

In the posts to come you will find hints, tips, stories and opinions. We think of this blog as the beginning of a conversation. We’ll talk and, hopefully, you’ll talk back. We encourage discussion and questions, and will do our best to be a useful resource.

Welcome to EnMart Embroidery Talk.  We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship.

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